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Tennis Courts



Kids can play safely, players can play longer and professionals can teach longer on Sport Court impact reducing tennis courts.

Our certified Tennis Court Builder network is the largest in the industry, and they are dedicated to providing you a long lasting, low-maintenance tennis court. We custom build 36’, 60’ and full-sized 78’ tennis courts for homes and tennis facilities. We are ready to customize any court to match your needs.


The game of tennis is now sanctioned to be played on more than the standard sized 78’ tennis court. Sport Court tennis courts are The Official and Exclusive 36’ And 60’ Tennis Court Surface of The USTA for tennis play on smaller tennis court. Construction of stand-alone courts is becoming the standard for kids tennis and the maturing tennis population. Tennis is tennis and can be played on multiple sized tennis courts



Upgrade your town's old tennis court to a basketball or multi-sport court.



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