Sport Construction Midwest has a gym doctor program that can repair your current or outdated sports equipment. Steve Putney can provide an evaluation of your current equipment and quote what should be done to keep it up to safety standards. 


We also can replace pulleys and  re-cable hoops, level backboard and rims. Frayed cable is bad! 


We can upgrade motors, safety straps, rims, backboards and height adjustors.  


We also do repair work on divider curtains or motorized batting cages.  

This is just a small list of who we have assisted with our gym doctor program:   ADM Schools (IA)                          Algona Schools (IA)

City of Peosta (IA)                         Glenwood  Schools (IA)

Indianola Schools (IA)                  ISU BB Practice Facilities

Holy Trinity School (IA)                Howells Dodge Schools (NE)

Pocohontas Schools (IA)             Saint Ambrose University (IA)

Red Oak YMCA (IA)                      Clear Creek Amana Schools (IA)

Waukee Schools (IA)                    Winnebago Schools (NE)

BGM Schools (IA)                          Carlisle Schools (IA)

Call Steve at 515-724-9506 or email him at